Day 6, The Birds of My Block

Prompt: write a poem that stretches your comfort zone with line breaks

Finding these words was a rough go, but this morning I saw a Bullock’s Oriole’s nest, in a seemingly unprotected place, and every morning I greet our Anna’s hummingbirds and toss peanuts to our neighborhood crows. I’m learning the birds of my block, and this is their song.

Robins are gathering
stealing the crow perch
marking territory
remodeling last year’s nest hidden in the green
evergreen Annas zip, chittering, tsking fly-by-night neighbors.
Rufous, sugar-drunk on
arrives in May.

Mohawked Stellar’s Jays squawk
harshing in, punk rock
hopping, sneaking
grab a peanut
before black-breasted corvids attack.

Quiet shy Northern Flicker,
nibbling through the mulch
ground-bound woodpecker.

Bullock’s nest hangs
gourd pendulous,
a thin branch stretching above a city sidewalk.
Will the wind knock you down,
will you be here next year?

chicka chicka chickadees, sparrows, wrens, they gossip
fly by,
nonchalantly lunch with friends.

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