Day 9

Axis tilting
world spinning
between Daylight Savings
and May Day
limerent twilight – time
changes light to endorphins, serotonins,
every day, grows lighter,
limerent twilight
defies reason, speeds pulse, sweats palms,
there’s no keeping up.
There is only diving in,
riding the wave of Spring.


Overcast morning
between Saturday wine
and Sunday laundry,
lucid dreaming phone call

please pick up
pick up please pick up
please pick up,  please, pick up, pick up

hand fumbles pillow,
Oh, god, where is the phone,
please pick up pick up
please pick up
feet stumbles floor,
where is the phone?


A year or three ago,
it could have been the wayward son.
Call us anytime, no questions asked.

Hurt, harassed, hate-crimed,
just need to get out,
don’t feel safe,
we’ll come get you,
rock your tears away,
hold you close, amid
dry-heaving sobs on the kitchen floor.


Please pick up, pick up, please pick up

Fledgling robins sing

cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up.


A mother’s heart beats. prompt: we challenge you today to write a poem in which something big and something small come together.




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