Day 14

Spread out toes,
the forest stretches.

Moss beckons, crawls,
creeps, clings.
Pacific storms swipe through,
raging timbers fall,
limus and luten

Climb up,
push off, shift
the log may not be secure.

Lichen cradles the dead,
insulates the hatchling.
Soft nestlings sleep.

Step through,
land lightly,
leave no trace.

Layered and layered
coniferous shed, leave
leaves lightly packed
loam longingly,

Adjust hips,
shoulders back,
don’t look up for long.

Ferns unfurl,
strum spider songs.

Off-trail scramble
branches swish,
quadriceps complain.

Old growth sentinel,
though fire and fen crackle

Drip sweat,
drizzle drops,
breathe in ion-ed air.

Robin hops,
blackwing sings,
geese cackle.

Tamarack Woods: 8000 steps.

I’m mostly off-grid today, enjoying the Pacific Northwest forest and breaking in my new hiking shoes.

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