Day 15, Jennifer Hart Goes Shopping

content note: child abuse

Benadryl for Abigail and Markis –
they’re always getting carsick –
wetwipes and tissues,
where did my sunglasses go?

Did I check the emergency kit –
flares and rope,
water, a flashlight,

Yes, a bag, please,
we can use it
for trash
in the car.

No, I don’t need a receipt,
thank you.

Jennifer places the bag on
the seat next to her,

She backs the car out,
turns, slowly drives to the
arterial entrance, turns,
speeds up into

Sarah likes Kaluha in her coffee
make it a special morning.
And Jamison for me, I’ll stop at the
liquor store next.


tumble, tumble, THWAP!

Shit. Goddamn. A fucking flat tire.
Oh, well, I should
run by the station,
check the oil, anyway.

The kids are gonna love
driving down the California Coast.

NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 15: a poem in which a villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil).

You may have read headlines about the deaths of Jennifer and Sarah Hart, and three of their adopted children in late March. Three of the other children – Devonte, Hannah, and Sierra, are missing. I read an article about the early autopsy reports this morning: the recovered Hart children had Benedryl in their systems. Were they dosed to be sleepy and quiet? One of the Harts – either Jennifer or Sarah, it isn’t clear yet – had a blood alcohol level of .102.

I believe that the deaths of the Harts were intentional, a multiple murder-suicide. Details of long-standing abuse have surfaced. Sarah Hart pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault in April 2011 after Abigail was found with bruising to her abdomen and back. Although Sarah pled, Abigail had testified that it was Jennifer who had hit her.

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