Day 20, belated

To the Poets I’ve Loved Before

A marriage unconventional
was once a great taboo
but poets’ hearts and nethers
upon these thighs we chew.

In a cabin, by a lake,
I thought we once would do,
with the sunlight in the morning
each a poem or two.

You with your whiskey
me with my wine,
would we escape the fights
of poet-hearts entwined?

You can brood like Shelly,
I have a thing for Gertrude Stein,
your lovely youth, my tender buttons,
how we could opine!

Perhaps when we are eighty,
and give a nought once more,
we’ll find that cabin by the lake
and celebrate d’amour!

Day Twenty’s prompt at was to be a rebel. I’ve done it now and then šŸ˜‰

But as I was thinking about writing a rebellion poem, I mused off into the distance about how does and activist rebel and about societal norms and unwritten – and written rules – and the kinds of rules I like to break, and the kinds of rules I take ever so literally, and how deep at heart I am so very lawful good.

So I decided to try to break my writing patterns, and have some fun with meter and with rhyme And this happened. To the poets I’ve loved before, with love.

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