Day 30

It takes force to form an emulsion
winds wander across a clouded sky
uncurling stratus
low, lazy fogs
sweep gently, sulk
too dense to do more than

Pull up, unkink,
with solar radiation
heat gently, a light breeze
temper, temper
a summer’s day
coax the proteins to unfold,
stretch out, rise up,
spread into
form cumulus
dispersed enveloped
across space.
Ice crystals float
in air.

Too much, too fast,
wind roars,
temperature drops or spikes
seize the strands
a deluge
the emulsion breaks.’s ask for the last day of April is to “take your cue from Borges, and write a poem that engages with a strange and fascinating fact.”
Having made a few custards in the past week, and started some ice cream this morning, I was thinking about emulsions, and how (probably incorrectly,) they could be likened to clouds in the sky.

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