A Letter From The War Zone

I’ve obviously not been actively creative with words lately, although I have been cooking up a storm. As it turns out, group exercises are excellent for sparking my muse. In honor of Independence Day in the US, I give you my version of #lettersfromthesecondcivilwar.

Background information: A prominent conservative pundit posted that the American political left would be starting a civil war today. Social media responded with #lettersfromthessecondcivilwar (look up the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook if you are so inclined – they are hilarious!) I am eligible for the DAR – the Daughters of the American Revolution, because I can prove that one or more (more, in my case) of my ancestors fought in the American Revolutionary War. The DAR owns Constitution Hall, and have historically been a very conservative organization. I’m not the least bit conservative.

Dearest Chosen Family,

As always, I am ever thankful for my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, and the foresight of their progeny to preserve biological records. Armed with these, I successfully infiltrated the Red Hat stronghold Constitution Hall. Once inside, I removed my outer garments to reveal my Free Mom Hugs tee, and #IllGoWithYou, #BlackLivesMatter and pronoun buttons. The enemy scattered, except for a brave few who requested (and received) hugs and safe passage – I’ll be bringing them home on my next leave. Operation Identity Politics was a success!

Sadly, vegetarian fare is hard to find here: am subsisting on baked potatoes and iceberg lettuce. Send kale and miso.


Your Revolutionary Daughter

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