Kitchen Masochist

Today’s dVerse challenge is to write a confessional verse.

the arm that I’ve kept iced and braced
through the December rush of charcuterie platters,
-I’ll get it seen to when the catering is done-
aches like flames on cast iron
turns butters into boils
and I chop on, these onions
won’t dice themselves
tomorrow a cheesecake, orange compote, and ginger crust
salmon and steak for fourteen,
somebody else’s party I’ll ensure
when I’m in early, a prep list
a mise en place of musts
I’m trying so hard to learn
-I’ll do them, don’t worry-
to delegate and mentor and teach
when I’m making it up as I go
I do not know if the satisfaction
of making things happen
is nature or nurture
generous or needy

Here’s tonight’s appetizers. I’m calling it Ozymandias.

18 thoughts on “Kitchen Masochist

  1. A confession of the dogged stalwart who doesn’t want to lose their job – I know it well, Nora, but not in a kitchen. I love the voice in this poem, the stream of consciousness and the ‘kitchen language’, especially ‘aches like flames on cast iron / turns butters into boils’ and ‘a mise en place of musts’.

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    1. I love the physicality of my job, and the deadlines, and the intensity. I also think that it is untenable and toxic, and I’ve never known how to mend the toxicity without leeching out the marrow of why so many of us do it.

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  2. Well Nora just keep dancing and they will find you fascinating, or maybe just quirky – but there is a big market for quirky! But just keep the food coming and keep dancing… they can’t hit a miving target!

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    1. It can be, and it can also be a slippery slope into passive aggressive control. The best-run kitchens are beautifully assertive without being passive or aggressive, and it’s a skill I’m continually trying to hone.

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  3. “aches like flames on cast iron/turns butters into boils”: Such a good word play in this one. Your voice is refreshing and the kitchen lingo makes this scenario and experience quite evocative. A very interesting write — I studied food production (kitchen) for a semester but couldn’t continue with the kind of toxic environ I found there.

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  4. My son is a chef, so I can relate to the stress. But your situation can happen to anyone working under pressure. Sometimes we know it or just wing it or just hope we will survive somehow. I enjoyed this one Nora.

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  5. Such gorgeous wordplay in this confessional poem, “aches like flames on cast iron/turns butters into boils,” I am well aware of the struggle, the long hours and hectic schedule when it comes to this job. I applaud you for your strength and for this beautiful poem! ❤️

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