the baptismal dress has been
altered and re-sewn
as curio cabinet doll clothes,
shedding linen threads, thinning,
long cedared and silent
in hope chests of an older generation

Today’s prompt from Lillian atd’Verse is to use the word “shed” in a poem.

Updated with commenting turned on.

10 thoughts on “Covenant

  1. via lilian

    Hello Nora!
    I’m sure it’s just that I’m in my seventh decade and not a techie but I simply cannot find a way to comment on your “shed” poem…I’ve searched and searched so instead, am placing my comment here. Perhaps you can copy and paste this into a comment section on your “shed” prompt poem? Apologies for my ineptness. I can post the comment here because I saw “2 Comments” and therefore know where to put my reply.
    I really liked your post to the prompt. What a lovely way to use an old baptismal dress….packed away in a cedar chest for generations. My cousin had a baptismal dress that had been in her family for generations and she’d followed the tradition, packing it away after she found it in her mother’s belongings, to save for her grandchildren. When the time came, the dress had aged beyond repair. She took it to a seamstress friend and had handkerchiefs made….and a small handkerchief bonnet (which was worn at the baptism)….and some doll clothes too. I liken this to the old quilts we treasure, handmade and comprised of old pieces of cloth from clothes our grandparents must have worn….rather than new bolts of material bought at a store precisely to make quilts.
    So glad you posted to the prompt!


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