Things That May Have Been

Things That May Have Been

Our legs tangled in the midnight waters of a suburban pool,
cheap beer and underaged drinking our ballast;

Basil-breathed vodka stories greet the rooftop dawn,
stone roses, garden hoses, a record on the player;

A lace dress, a gimlet kiss, a stairwell to lean
against your chest, maybe on your next trip through;

Always, you and I, crushed, sweaty, against the long hallway
in the club, melding to the beat, and never going home, come dance;

A long walk, and a picnic out by the soccer fields,
grass stains a fading memory, I’ve kept the bottle.

A touch and something more –
ghosts of past futures possible
ripple outward still.

Na/GloPoWriMo Day Nine asks us to write a Sei Shonagon-style list of “things.”

dVerse’s Tuesday prompt is water.

12 thoughts on “Things That May Have Been

  1. Sweet memories like these are a blue swimming pool on summer — a dive which bubbles forever. Very classy drape of details into desire, clinging to the edges of those things.

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  2. I love the sheer romantic teenaged passion of “always you and I, crushed, sweaty…” and this pure praise of the way you embraced life and the sensual tease of “Our legs tangled in the midnight waters…” This is a great poem!

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