Homonym Shadorma


Goose flocks fly;
phlox dust flecks gilt, one
cygnet, with
crested flex’d
neck, nibbles cress: a downy
merchant’s gold signet ring.

Na/GloPoWriMo Day Fourteen asks us to play with homophones, homonyms, and homographs, and dive deep into the often wonderful and frequently frustrating absurdity of the English language.

I decided to try pairing this challenge with writing a shadorma:  a Spanish 6-line poem with syllable counts of 3/5/3/3/7/5.

2 thoughts on “Homonym Shadorma

    1. I am not a natural punster, so I knew I wanted a short form where clarity and succinctness would drive some of my choices. And, yes, the shadorma felt right for that.

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