Alice, hopelessly romantic, but also rather smart,
Builds a blooming garden with a Victorian sub-plot:

Dahlias for dignity – in her suit and gloves, Miss
Ethel’s constitutional, each day at three o’clock.

Foxglove for the NIMBYs and their hollow care:
Galloping property taxes do not improve the block.

Hop Vines remember Markus, lover lost to rare disease,
Irises keep hope to find a cure, but only when they’re blue.

Justicia to push on through the pain, with
Lupine for finding love anew.

Marigolds celebrate a graduation:
Niobe has her family’s first.

Ornamental onions for the courage of their trip,
Petunias for friendship after oceans traversed.

Queen Anne’s Lace for all are welcome here,
Rosebay cements our bonds.

Sunflowers for the puppers: boundless loyalty
Thistle for the cats, aloof and in the fronds.

Ulex blooms all year round and thanks the postman
Vincent in rain and shine and snow.

Winnie invites you in for coffees, and with her daughter
Xanthe, always have a casserole when times are low.

Zinnia gets planted for those two: beloved constancy.

Na/Glo PoWriMo Day Nineteen asks for an abecedarian poem: one where word choices are in alphabetical order.

I’ve missed two days due to a big work project, but I’ll aim to make them up.

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