Micro Poetry

For Poets In April

To do, or not to do
is not question,
but need.

Old Dog

She shakes,

has taken to barking,

and lays her head on my hand

with a sigh.

Spell For A Kiss

: your eyes

: your hands

Household Economy

I’ve upset the balance

of ice cream and broccoli,

an avalanche: our frozen topology

is forever altered.

Na/GloPoWriMo Day Thirty is getting sassy.  All month, they’ve given us some difficult prompts – sometimes more than I think I can do in a day.  And today, the last day, “write a micro poem,” they say.    Sure, we all can do haiku, right?

Sly they are.  Tricksy.  That said, I like short forms.

I swear – upon all the poems I write that include kisses – that my fist chapbook will be titled “Spells For Kisses.”

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